Tailoring School for Rural Women

310 million Indians (28% of the population) live on less than US$ 0.24 a day, way below the poverty line. Most rural women are destitute, abused, oppressed and marginalized. Few ever have a chance of getting even a menial job anywhere.


We have ten tailoring schools to which hundreds of poor women come daily. The course is for six months after which they receive a certificate which opens up many job opportunities. They are then able to provide for their families as long as they can work.


Every morning, during their training, our Pastor starts with a prayer and reading of Scripture and then shares the Gospel with these poor Hindu and Muslim women.


It costs only US$15,000 to open such a school with 25 sewing machines and furniture in a hall of about 800 sq ft. Every day some 40-50 students will learn dress making, cutting, embroidery, needle work, textile painting and fashion design etc. They also discover how Jesus can change their lives permanently. All for Only $15,000.


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