Orphan Children's Sponsorship

           Your link of Love to the Needy Children

India has 78 million people and over 26 million opphans. Children, Our "Hope for tomorrow", are very special. To be all they can be they must to grow and experience God's gift of love. However, millions of children in India today survive on only one meal a day. Every year millions of them die of disease before reaching the age of five. Those who surivive suffer from malnutrition and exposure to many diseases.

Most never experience a childrena childhood as they have to start working at a very tender age. Being deprived of the opportunity to learn, they face a life of poverty and "slavery". They are constantly reminded that this is their "fate".


"Bangalore Children's Home", in Bangalore, is starting a "sposorship programme" which can be your link to provide practical love to these deprived and destitue chrildren. By supporting us regularly you will be helping us to tell them all about our Saviour, as we educate, feed, clothe and love them. We believe that one day they too will be a part of our team delevering children from awful poverty, both physical and spiritual.

With your help many children will have a better future, turning today's despair into hope tomorrow. We have 40 orphan children waiting for a sponsor.


Cost per children month $50.